I am obsessed with nature and trying to capture all of the metaphors I see within it which can be applied to our daily experiences and thoughts. I am constantly reflecting on my relationships with the world and the people in my life. The weight of this process becomes lighter when I study nature, and I understand a bigger picture within rocks, waves, mud, leaves and many overlooked designs in the outdoors.  The most peaceful perspective I believe humans can ever find are painted throughout nature, but it takes a quiet body and engaged eyes.  My goal is to invite people to slow down and calm down. Compare your pliancy with a pattern in tree bark.  Consider the movement of waves and the give and take of your relationships. Watch how jagged edges in a granite boulder turn into soft shadows over time, and let go of any sharp grudges. 
     Capturing these gifts in photographs has been my passion for many years, but trying to recreate the essence of each has become my obsession. Through painting these photographs in watercolors and oils, my intention is to share an opportunity to see ourselves in nature, and to understand all of which is natural.  Making human nature, visible.